SeraphPDH: Paladin Man!: August 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paladin. Seventy. Five.

So, I made the final push to finally get Paladin to the almighty seventy-five!

It feels good to finally be an "endgame" paladin. I quit the night with a small 2K buffer, and I know that I will have to get a much bigger buffer than that...

I'm also thinking about what to merit first on paladin, and I think it might be a good idea to take NIN from 18 to 37 to compliment my DD setup. The Joyeuse seems to severly boost TP gain and damage, but I'd like to see it in action with a Company Sword. At a quick glance, it seems like I need about 100 merits to get all the things I want, should take awhile o get all of that. XD

One other awesome thing to report is the chocobo update is here!

I am currently completing the quest in Jeuno to get a free egg, and will start raising my chocobo tonight. I'm hoping for either a black or a blue one, though I think I could deal with red as well. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks. ^^

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Little Bundle of {Joyeuse}

So, Dynamis Windy rolled around again. I was hoping against hope to possibly expand my Relic collection to include the PLD boots as well. However Windy is never kind to me, and produced not only zero PLD drops, but only autolotted two bills to me as well. Talk about insult to injury...

So, I figured the day was done. I was bored, it was my day off, I went to take a nap since I didn't want to deal with more disappointments in FFXI land. I returned to find Theora (75 RDM / 75 BST) was logged on. Now, Theo and I had just gone and destroyed my Staff WS mob, so I figured maybe she was interested in camping Charby. We both needed the sword, and in the event we actually got one, my craptastic lots almost ensured she would win it. She seemed bored, and agreed to head down. One RDM down, one NIN and BRD to go. Now, there might be a thousand NINs on the server, it seems I dont know many of them... It just so happens that the one LS NINs who usually isn't on all that much popped on. Pilfer didn't have alot to do at the time, so he came down. Now, we went down at about 7:00pm and discovered after the fact that the spawn window opened at 9:15pm. Great. Well, in the meantime we got our other LS RDM Hiroaki and LS BRD Shelden to start heading down. The time for the window rolled around and people seemed to start comming to check for a pop. Wouldn't you know it but one of the first pops in the window was Charby. o.o A few minutes later our crew got there, and we were ready to engage as RDM, RDM, NIN, BRD, PLD.

Wouldn't you know it though, the other placeholder spawned making a clean pull all but impossible. With the gilsellers in the area getting antsy, we decide to pull, me taking the add, and our NIN taking Charby. Just as I voke the add, the gilsellers voke Charby and engage. What the crap? It's a few NINs and a few WHMs, what do they need a Joyeuse for? Can they even take Charby? Well, it turns out they were just messing around, the NINs 2 houred making charby lose a good few points of life and go unclaimed again. Pilfer immediately claimed and went to work. After managing to solo the add with some ballad assistance, I went to work curing Pilfer and laying out the occasional flash. Things went pretty smooth for the first 50% health, but then another huge group showed up, and apparently were hoping we would wipe. The additional lag didnt help things, as Pilfer got to under 200 HP a few times. Top it all off, with Charby at 25% health, the other placeholder pops _again_ and is really close to the action. I rest up, take the add, and before I finish killing it Charby is down! Joyeuse (and a pearl) drop!

So, time to lot. I've had crappy luck with this lot in the past, and so has Theora. I decided to let Theo lot first, and this is how it went:

Whoa... I really didn't believe it, my crappy lotting had finally won me a lot in something that mattered! ...and by a whopping 17 bid point too! I was really happy, but felt kinda bummed for Theo. It should be alright though, since we know TrueRune can take Charby now, it's just a matter of getting people together for it. It's cool to see what your social LS can do sometimes, isn't it? I know I'll be down there many more times since about four more people in the LS want the sword...

Afterwards, Tuufless hearing my good news decided to head to the meadows and play with out pointy swords. It was nice taking some time to fool around with Tuuf, I can tell he definately doesn't want to leave just yet, but maybe the Tuuf will return someday in all his shortness glory...

We took the time to stop by Willriker's CoP Airship battle run. After a good dry run, they headed in and wiped the floor with the airship. Good job on the clear guys! (...with a PLD might I add...) Maybe our shattered groups can combine to go through the rest of CoP, who knows... Until then, I'm just going to enjoy my new toy (that matches my outfit too!)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Slow day at the office...

So, I realized I haven't posted an update in about a month. Now, looking back I feel there really wasn't any event important enough by itself to make a post about, but group them together and I guess I have some tasty material. ^_^

Anyway, where to start? I need a nice picture or something. Oh, I know!

I actually decided to cowboy up this year during the summerfest event and get to goldfish scooping. I managed to get enough Goldfish Sets (240 points in fish, ugh) to make three bowls. I made two "Fighting Fish Tanks" (Right Bowl) and a single "Goldfish Bowl" (Left Tank). I gave one of the bettas to Ararith for helping me scoop goldfish one day. Getting Woodworking to 20 wasn't especially fun, but making 3 signed furnature pieces was worth it. They have made a pretty addition to my already cluttered Mog House.

In other news, I also (finally) got around to unlocking the Retribution staff weapon skill. I have had the latent broken for some months now, but could never get a party together to fight the NM needed. Theora in my LS offered to take her BST75 out there and solo it, and by george did it. I must say, it was quite an impressive feat, and many animals were harmed in the obtaining of this WS. Nice work Theo. ^^

A few weeks ago I managed to scrape together enough gil to finally buy a Hauby too. (Again, thanks Ararith ^^) It adds to my DD PLD setup I am working on, and hopefully will get to test out once i crack PLD75 and NIN 37.

I must say though, FFXI has been kinda slow. The new patch with the new missions was fun, but short. It did give me a reason to get all five runic portal teleports though. I'm still awaiting the chocobo raising update for something to do. Ever since my sky LS broke up, Ive been a tad bored ingame. Dynamis keeps me occupied, but it seems I can never manage to get a drop, or win the lot when things drop. XD With alot of people on vacation, it makes the game a tad boring, and losing Tuufless this week to the maelstrom of real life isn't exactly exciting either. :_: We will miss you tarutaru. /wave

Hopefully, in the comming weeks, I can get some money back together, and get my butt leveling to get some of those new merits. Should be fun, and I am about 16K tnl 75 too... Hmmm...