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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fishing 100.0

I started fishing a few months after I started playing FFXI to earn gil for armor in my early levels (we are talking back when I was leveling WAR to 37 as a sub for PLD, and I specifically remember saving up gil to buy the chain armor set at level 24). I remember getting fishing to about fishing 35 before taking a long break from serious fishing for about 4 years. I had found better ways of making money, and the old fishing system (before the one implemented now) was very boring for me.

A little over a year ago, I started up fishing again due to being bored and broke. My goal was reaching fishing 100 and getting my Ebisu, which is the closest I ever thought I would ever get to a Relic in the game. Well, things didn't seem to happen in the order I expected, but I am not going to complain:

As shown, I finished up skilling on Cave Cherax because I didn't want to start fishing Liks or Gugs until I had capped skill. Most fishers I've talked to said that fishing skillups after 90 were really slow, and for 90-94 that was true for me. However, I fell into some sort of skillup vortex at level 95 and got those last 5 levels in under 4 days, so I will just consider myself lucky and not question it...

Since then, I took a crack at fishing Liks, and with the two fishing rings with charges, it isn't a problem. At this point, I will probably take a break from fishing for now and keep working on my subjobs for the level cap increase coming in June. I will make another post after the patch with what I think about the levle cap increase and the new add-on.


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