SeraphPDH: Paladin Man!: November 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Divine Might

It's been while since my last post. With the holidays starting up and the ladyfriend home on break, I don't have all the free time I'm used to.

Anyway, onwards to buisness...

There was alot of DRAMA in one of my more recent Dynamis Windurst runs. We were running really short on time, and had to make a few sacrifice pulls. Essentially, all of the THFs in the alliance were sac pulling the special NMs and I was pinpointing them, bringing them back to the group, and then running off with another THF to make another pull. Things worked out nicely though and we got the clear.

With all our pullers down though, we tried some "safe" pulls that almost ended up wiping the alliance. I went down on one of the middle mobs in the group, and not 30 seconds later, what happens?

So, I'll be honest. I know the Valor Leggings aren't that great, but I seem to be the _only_ dynamis PLD that doesn't have them, and that bothers me. So they dropped, I was dead, and kinda freaked out. I got a raise, but the problem was i was smack in the middle of the action, so I was killed by AoE before I could even lot. Four Raise 1s later I finally get out of batlte range, and win the freelot. (I was late to getting there and missed reserving it.)

So, between that and a 100 Byne Bill I got in Bastok, Dynamis has been fairly nice to me lately. I'm still saving points for the Valor pants, but I am also tempted to blow some points on more 100 bills, since I need some gil.

I'm also still leveling NIN, and I managed to get NIN30 the other day. Only 7 more levels! I used most of my 100 money to get NIN gear and finally buy Utsusemi:Ni. I still really can't get into the whole shadows thing, I think PLD is just too burned into my head... More developments as they unfold.

As the title of this little post suggests I have dabbled in the BC known to many in the FFXI endgame world. My previous attempt with L7 ended tragically, since I had to skip out in the winning run to make dynamis. I tried doing it a second time with a pickup group, but despite the good planning, the execution wasnt there, and we ended up running out of time (and burning my Ark Pentasphere.) It wasn't a good sign when the first run was ruined because someone entered before the item was traded AGAIN. Seriously people. You must be able to read to play this game, listen to the group leaders. K THX BYE.

So, a friend from my dynamis shell (and a rival sky shell, but thats cool) heard about my DM plight. They wanted to plan 2 runs, but really needed a tank, since they had no PLDs available. I said I would love to, and we did 2 DM runs. The planning was good, people listened this time, and we went 2/2. Yay!

After thinking about it for awhile, I did decide to get the Suppanomimi. Just look at it, it screams PLD/NIN, and besides, I already have a ton of Shield Skill gear. Now I am kinda looking forwards to finishing up the ZM missions, since it's a prereq for the Ethereal Earring quest. Big thanks to all those guys who helped out with the runs, and congrats to all the new DM earring holders. v(^.^)

Right after our DM runs, Erat invited me to do the latest ToAU mission battle, since they had 4 DDs, a WHM, and no tank. The mission went smoothly, and it was quite humerous, especially during the actual fight...

Thats actual NPC text during the battle. Totally awesome if you ask me, it is the little touches like these that make the new missions kinda fun. I even got a little e-peen boost in one of the cutscenes after the battle...

I don't know if the text is the same for everyone, reguardless of job, but that is awesome text for a Paladin. /blush The missions ended fairly well, and left you with a cliffhanger scene with the ghost pirate captain Luzaf standing in front of what can only be described as a painting of Odin Vs. Alexander... If CoP tells me anything, its that those wall paintings always predict the future...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Strange Things Are Happening...

So, for the most part it has been a boring few weeks. However, there have been a few humerous events happening in sky:

In my defense, Aurelius got another key not 10 minutes later, so I don't feel bad in the slightest. Also, I got my first sky kill:

The irony was that we were undermaned at the pop, I had just got there, Faust was at 1% and I decided "Why not?" BOOM HOLY HEADSHOT.

Also, there was some weird stuff going on in Dynamis Xarcabard...

That is the _first_ time I have ever seen the RDM drop for us, ever since I joined my Dynamis LS. That's easily well over a year, and then poof, 2 drop within 15 minutes from each other. The complete run went 100, THF, PLD, SAM, WAR, RDM, RDM. Pretty much the best Xarc run ever... \(^_^)/