SeraphPDH: Paladin Man!: October 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just Wait Till We Get Our {{Homam}} On You! ™ v2.0

Does lightning ever strike the same place twice? Well, maybe not exactly, but these drops pretty much kick just as much ass as last week:

Having the Homam Body in my possession puts me at 4/5 for my Homam collection now. All that remains is the feet, and I believe I am first on that list. Probably going to do a few Ultimas since we have been so Omega heavy lately, but lets hope once we do Omega again that the feet drop, so I don't have to keep living the lie that is Amir Boots. >.>;;;;

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Just Wait Till We Get Our {{Homam}} On You! ™

It's been awhile since I have managed to get my hands on some worthwhile PLD item, and after my little drama scene on BG, I didn't think anything exciting would happen again for at least a few weeks. As it turns out, Ararith was off with Tuufless a little while ago trying to leech a DRG or BRD AF item from Apollyon and managed to get the Magenta Chip from the zone (Those crazy BLMs don't have any use for it apparently). For some reason, hearing this seems to have made my Limbus leaders switch gears from 'Ultima' mode, to 'Omega' mode. We decided to put together a run to do Omega, and not only did Ararith get two more of the chips she needed for a full Omega set, but this scene welcomed us when Omega went down and we opened the chest:

After all was said and done, we have three more happy members, and another 5/5 Homam set. I can't complain. ^^

Assuming all goes well on Tuesday, we will have another Omega set we will use on Saturday. That impresses me, since at least half of this set came on accident, and was assembled in just over a week. No complaints from me about it though...

As far as the points standings are now, I am first for both Homam Feet and Homam Body with literally noone even close to me points wise. I'm hoping feet drop Saturday, since the Body is mostly for show, and just a slight DD upgrade since I can't tank in it, and it has no haste. I must say though, it feels good to finally be 3/5 Homam after waiting for a drop for many months now. Future updates as they become available. (^.^)v

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Professional Appropriation (and Restoration)

Hey everyone, look what ffxiclopedia stole from me!!!

Take a look at my previous post. I gave BG permission to use my images, and then ffxiclopedia burgles them without asking at all. Pricks. Tell you what, why dont they upload this instead?

{{Wikia.}} {{My Ass.}} {{You can kiss it.}}


After the Fact Edit: Wikia ended up pulling down the image from their page, but I'll leave my rant post here for historical reference. In case you were wondering, the image in question was a cropped portion of the original version of this:

Pretty much just had the part with Ravin Raven and Ararith cropped out. There was alot of drama on BG, but I am hoping some decent 'content borrowing' practices come from all this. Also, my ass is sexual content. Viewer Discression is advised.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ravin Raven...

So, the good people over at Blue Gartr had a new pet project going on. Locating the last unlocated NM in the ToAU areas...

So, I chipped in on the discussion, since supposedy this item was involved...

So, reading through the thread, some info was discovered (read the thread if you want the details) and after a few hours of work look what I found:

...and apparently it can drop things...

Makes a good case for the Birdman Cape to drop here... Ah well, better luck next week. ^^


Also, pics for my personal use: