SeraphPDH: Paladin Man!: July 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

As Vana'diel Turns (Twenty-One Hours At A Time...)

So, it's been awhile since I made a post. I started working a 'full-time part-time' job, and as such my FFXI time has been reduced drastically. The things we do to pay the bills...

To bring things up to speed, after getting sea access, I took a little break from FFXI. Comming back, after a few days, I decided I wanted to get a Joyeuse which is a sword that "occasionally attacks twice." Occasionally attacks once is more like it, it's like having super double attack without a /WAR subjob. I have spent many a night in the Sea Serpent Grotto, but alas I have turned up empty handed. However, two people I know have gotten their swords, so at least my time wasn't totally wasted in there. If you want to try to help me spawn Charby, give me a yell ingame, I would appreciate it. ^^

But that's not the BIG news! Oh no! Check this out:

That's right, my sky linkshell has taken a sudden liking to the Land King HNMs, Fafnir in particular. We were able to claim Fafnir back to back two nights in a row, and I had the honor of co-tanking (and for 5 minutes the second night, solo tanking) this formidable monster. Let me just say, it was a blast. Even at level 73, and without "optimal tanking gear" I was able to hold my own, and assist in two Fafnir kills. All that dropped both times were the Adaman Hands Abjs., but the battles were good training for the linkshell on how to battle a land god. I got the title "Fafnir Slayer" and was congratulated on a tanking job well done. ^^ Willriker also tells the tale (hehehe, tail...) here at: I'd like to say that honestly he is a formidable hate foe, but for the record, he has a crapload more gil than I do, and not to mention 2 extra levels on PLD... Reguardless, awesome job to the PLDs of FX.

During the meantime, I decided to take on another monster in FFXI that like Fafnir, had a 21 hour minimum repop timer. This time I was after this little breauty:

The Intruder Earring possesses some nice stats for an endgame Paladin: Defense, HP, Dex (kinda useless), and Agi (shield blocks). It drops off a mob named Centurio XII-I in East Altepa. The mob is a timed spawn, so no killing is necessary, but patience is. Believe me, getting a Time-of-Death on a non-famous mob that few camp (and those that do are not willing to give you the ToD) and not to mention it's not even a 100% drop. Jeepers Creepers indeed! Anyway, I was able to get an approximate ToD from a PLD I camped it with that was 2 days old, so using a little math, and approximation, I had a decent ToD guess. Within minutes of my girlfriend comming out with her 36WHM/01RNG setup to help me camp it, the NM poped, and noone was there but me to claim. Oddly enough, I saw pop before she caught it on widescan, but it's the thought that counts. ^^

The battle wasn't too bad, the NM is a Ranger type Antica mob, that does possess the Eagle Eye Shot 2 hour. However, with my awesome defense (a 300 EES is just too weak) and my NPC helper Romidiant there to assist cure me (level 62 Healer NPC), the battle was a joke, and amazingly the earring dropped first try. I've heard horror stories of people going 0/20 on this thing, which is the better part of a month camping a NM and never losing claim! Needless to say, I was very pleased with the drop. ^^

I also was able to recently convince my better half to tag along for an avatar fight, Titan specifically. She is usually not too keen comming to things as her 60+ Dragoon for fear of dying and losing precious experience, but I was able to get her to come anyway. The battle went smoothly, and she enjoyed it quite a bit, and didn't even panic when the mob 2-hour almost killed her. Good Job on your first real avatar babe! ^^