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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sometimes you make your own fun.

It's been quite some time since I made a post here, and I can honestly say it hasn't been from a lack of playing. I have been doing Abyssea at least three days a week and within my Abyssea group have completed many +1 and +2 Empyrean Armor pieces for PLD, RDM, and BLU. Of special importance to me is that I have completed my full 5/5 of the +2 PLD Empyrean Armor thanks to the help of my group. Things are going so well and drops are so plentiful that I have even started working on some other +1 armor pieces on the side for other jobs I expect to be leveling in the near future.

In addition, most of my group including myself have cleared all of the bosses in Abyssea and have access to Primeval Brews now at a price of 200,000 cruor instead of the usual 2,000,000 price. Given that many of us have cruor to spare, this becomes important at the end of the post...

With our success with pimping our members out with Empyrean Armor, the natural progression of this has been to start getting members Empyrean Weapons. One of our members already has a level 85 (and soon to be level 90) weapon, and others of us, myself included, are following in their footsteps. I currently have my primary focus on the Ochain Empyrean Shield. It is a shield that puts even the Aegis to shame, and that isn't something to snuff at. Complete information can be located here:

I had originally considered going for the Empyrean Sword Almace first (and this would be my next goal once I complete the shield), but being a Paladin at heart, I couldn't pass up the chance to work towards this beauty. What isn't stated in the shields stats is that it is a Size 6 shield (Aegis being a Size 5 shield, and all other shields being size 1-4). It has a reported block rate of ~90% even on high level NMs and seems to have a very impressive level of damage reduction per block. This would be one of the best upgrades possible for Paladin in that it would greatly increase survivability and in addition grant an almost limitless MP pool against almost all enemies. My progress is slow but steady, and I have added it to my stats found to the right of my blog posts. I will be trying to keep it updated.

With that said, I come back to the title of my little update. Being that many of us have quite impressive armor and weapons and access to 200,000 Brews, sometimes it just so happens that we take a break from the serious business that is Abyssea group item farming and have a little fun. Yes, we might have been doing it very wrong as they say in this specific occasion, but damn if I didn't laugh the entire time doing it. Let's see if you can figure out what is wrong here...


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