SeraphPDH: Paladin Man!: February 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Omega Supreme

So, Limbus has taken the spot as my favorite endgame activity. Not to slam Dynamis (4 hours long), or Sky (goddamn RMT), or HMN Kings (I don't bot, I don't claim), but they are getting boring as of late. Limbus still seems fun to me though. It's relatively short, interesting, and usually faster paced. The 50K a trip pricetag was starting to wear on my wallet, but I think it's finally paid off...

We were going to do an Ultima run on Saturday. I am not really fond of Ultima since it likes to rock my socks (I went through an entire RR gorget last time). Fortunately, the people needed to pull off an Ultima didnt really show up (and those that did mostly didn't want to do Ultima), but we had enough people for an Omega run...

Which brings me to the Omega situation. Our record with Omega has been pretty decent. We have gone 3/4 on the runs I have gone to, and the loss was pretty much due to us trying to kill Omega once with too few people, and not having a backup tank. I've assist tanked a few times, this being the second time with Lordlotuskiller's NIN/DRK build. With a run under my belt, this run went much smoother than the last one we had.

We killed Omega, poped the chest, and out fell the pieces for Homan Hands and Head. As it turned out, I was tied for first on points for the Homam Hands lot, and wouldnt you know it, they dropped along with the hat... ^^

I had one of the absolutely _worst_ lots of my FFXI career though. I was so pissed, since I have wanted these hands since they were put in the game, and this was the first time I had ever seen them drop. As it turns out though, luck was on my side. I am generally liked in my shell, and the other two potantial people lotting were not especially interested in this piece, they were more interested in saving points to be able to compete on future Homam leg lots. So, my lot went unchallenged:

Congrats to Jodah for his winning freelot on the Homam headpiece. ^^v After a quick run to Mhura, I was in possession of possibly the best tanking hands in the game. They are unbeatable for PLD/NIN tanking, and damn good for PLD/WAR tanking too.

They blow my Valor Gauntlets out of the water with the sole exception of the Shield Bash Enhancement. I can definately deal with losing 2 DEF and 5 VIT for 2HP, 20MP, 4 ACC, 3% haste, and the envious looks of many fellow adventurers. >.> I still have the Relic hands in my inventory, but they might end up in my Mog House very soon, as its been days and I haven't even put them on.

Oh well, maybe in a few months I can add a new piece of Homam to my collection... ^.^v

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mixed Blessings

You know, maybe I am finally getting some respect in this game for a change...