SeraphPDH: Paladin Man!: September 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oh I love a {Parade Gorget}!

So, there was this long standing mystery in the FFXI world since about Summer 2005. The question was how to get a Parade Gorget. Few knew about this rare item, and even fewer knew how to get it (a handfull of JP players on Ifrit.) The debate on how to get it raged on for over a year, until finally the news broke...

An interview with a SE representative finally produces enough clues to allow for the crafting of Goblin Drinks, the supposed pop item for the supposed NM Goblin Wolfman which supposedly dropped the Parade Gorget. Turns out they were right...

Needless to say, the recipe was cooking 80 cap, and since im cooking 102, I ran off to make a stack of them or so to get myself a gorget. I spent sime time farming ingredients, and managed to make 11 drinks. While in the Sea Serpent Grotto farming an ingredient for the drinks, I managed to grab myself a pair of Frog Trousers from a NM there. They aren't great, but they have a cool name so I figured I would keep them incase I ever level a Mage job.

After spending 2 nights in Oldton, I finally managed to get a Parade Gorget for myself, Aurelius, Theora, and Willriker. Congrats to everyone. I'm glad this mystery is finally solved... ^.^

Now, the latent on the Parade Gorget is a little funny as far as auto-refresh goes. It offers 1mp/tick as the standard auto-refresh, but it is triggered by having more than 85% of your "naked HP" plus the amount of HP given by visible armor (armor that redraws your character as you swap it.) So, say you had 1000hp naked, and 100hp added from visible equipment. The latent effect kicks in at 950hp/1100hp. This is a unique latent effect, and nice in that I don't have to be half dead to get more auto-refresh. With this and the Herc ring, I get 2mp a tick except roughly when I'm between 50% HP and 75% HP. That's pretty darn cool...

In other news, I finally dropped 2.5M to get a Gigant Mantle...

This is one of the last pieces of buyable tanking gear I need. With it, and my other +HP gear, I can get over 1650hp without food and merits. I think thats pretty solid for right now, considering most PLDs don't even have over 1500 even with good gear.

The only other things I can even consider buying for "tanking" are a Vermy Cloak, a Cassie Earring, and maybe a pair of Hades Earrings+1. These items are all way overpriced, so I am not too worried about it. There are some DD items I am looking into as well, namely some rings, earrings, and a back piece. These can also wait for now, since I am almost out of gil at the moment. Hopefully once I get another 10M gil or so, I can get every piece of gear my PLD could ever wear, and that would make me a happy panda! (^.^)/

Friday, September 22, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Well, I can sum up most of the events of the past several weeks as follows:

To explain a little more deeply:

- I managed to complete the series of CoP missions up to and through CoP 8-4. I was thinking about getting a Rajas Ring, but decided to go for the Sattva Ring instead, being a PLD at heart and all... ^-^

- Dynamis Bastok decided to not suck for once, and I won a free lot on the Valor Coronet drop. As it happens, a second one dropped going to the person lotting against me, so I don't feel so bad about winning the first lot.

- I did some prep for a Divine Might run getting my Ark Pentasphere which is needed to initiate a run. Unfortunately, we wiped on the first run and I had to leave for Dynamis, afterwhich the second run went flawlessly. >.< Maybe I'll get my ZM earring next time.... :-/

- Needing a break from endgame, I decided to camp the VE in the dunes hoping for a drop. I ended up going 0/11 and almost decided to call it quits. However, the members of TrueRune almost as a joke one evening decided to camp VE since we were all bored. VE spawned, I spotted it, and Akanea got the claim. We waited about five minutes waiting for our LS THF Saoirse to show up with TH2, and after she SATA'd it in the butt, it dropped the pin! The LS decided since I had been camping it the longest, I got to claim the item, on the condition I would finally level NIN to 37+. As a side note, I have gotten it to 23 so far... ^_^

- I have wanted my very own Walahra turban for quite some time now. I figured it would be a nice item to have for my future PLD/NIN build, having MP+30, HP+30, and haste+5% on it. Imperial Gold Coins were down to 30K each one night, so I blew 10K ISP and bought the other 10 coins, and after something like 350+ NPC trades, I had my very own {feather tickle} {hat}!

- As a last little note, two pairs of Valor Gauntlets dropped on our last Dynamis Sandy run. The funny part though, was they were from back to back mobs. Kinda weird, to be honest. I already have my own, so the first pair was free lotted, and the second fed the trashcan. Oh well, I still got a kick out of it. I just need Valor Breeches, Valor Surcoats, and Vallor Leggings to drop like that... ^_^

So, I have been busy IRL lately. I am moving into a new house, so my playing time has been severly limited. Most days all I have time for is to log in to check my chocobo and do dynamis runs when they come along. As it turns out, my chocobo is a female named RadiantPlume, and she is yellow. I am trying to set her build to be fast, focusing on Strength and Endurance. I figure, maybe i can breed her to a male black chocobo and get a fast black chocobo later down the line...

So, with not a ton of time to play, I am thinking I might start making leveling NIN my fulltime priority until i get it to around 40. That way, I have a nice new sub for my PLD main, and also can use NIN to do some BCNMs... I'll keep you posted. (^.^)v

Friday, September 01, 2006

Warrior of the Crystal

So, I've been a little busy lately. First thing first, I decided to merit after getting to level 75. After getting about an 18K exp buffer I switched to merit mode, and plowed away at about 35K exp. My first action once reaching my mog house was to unlock the Chivalry job ability. What Chivalry does is act like a sort of twisted version of Convert, in that your TP is changed into MP. The ratio is about 1: ~1.4 in that if you have say 200tp, you would lose all TP and gain 280mp. I have only used it a handful of times but I must say sometimes getting a full MP bar back is much more useful than one weaponskill, especially when tanking since the move has a huge hatespike, somewhere near Invincible if you have 300tp.

Recently, my dynamis shell Explorer has decided to dive into the CoP versions of Dynamis. Now, most shells only do the "original five dynamis zones", but with the promise of the relic accessories and AF2+1 armor, I guess the shell leaders couldn't resist. Unlike the standard zones, these ones have an additional prereq. for you to fufill, you must have defeated Diabolos in the CoP storyline. (Not the Diabolos battle to summon him, just the level 40 cap one.) That is in addition to the standard level 65 requirement.

Now, we have never done one of these zones before, and there is a twist. You start the run with no subjobs. That's right, I get to enter as a glorious PLD75 / WAR00. However, there are ???s spread throughout the zone, and once someone touches the correct one, everyone's subjobs come back, making the run alot easier. Our beta CoP dynamis run was Dynamis-Buburimu. The idea is to kill some of the NMs that are running around in order to disable certain moves and 2-hour abilities of the Mega-Boss. Assuming you do nothing, and go straight for the boss, he will have access to every 2-hour in the game, and in addition a few more nasty moves that he will spam. We were able to take out some key moves (like Benediction) and defeat the boss getting the clear!

Now, this zone is weird in that farming comes only after you defeat the boss. New "Nightmare mobs" (as seen above) spawn that can drop the items new to these zones. We farmed for awhile getting some money drops, the BRD Relic Cape, and WAR AF-1 gloves. Decent drops for our first run, but what I found funny was I got the first drop in the new CoP zones in the Explorer shell. Go me!

Now, I have had torn feelings about CoP as of late. I always promised I would not abandon my TrueRune CoP static, but alot of things have changed lately. One of our mages Tumble has pretty much gone AWOL as of late, and my Co-Strat man Tuufless has retired from FFXI. In addition, our SMN / SAM Chummy was away due to home/school issues, and wasn't supposed to return until sometime in September. My fears were that it would be near impossible to beat CoP at this point due to us being short 2-3 people, and me losing half of our strategy team. It doesn't help that information about CoP becomes less and less available the further you go, obviously caused by the fact that fewer and fewer people get that far in the missions.

Now, it was at this point I was approached by my PLD75 buddy Willriker. He knew that I had wanted to complete CoP 8-1 solely to get the Tavnazian Ring so I could get a new warp item. He invited Akanea, Saoirse, and myself to tag along when his static did it so we could get the rings as well. Now, doing this mission doesn't put you too far ahead of anyone else, its just killing 9 mobs and clicking a few doors. Things went bad when one of Will's static people didn't show, and they decided to cancel.

Now, Will explained that they only had 5 people in their static, and were looking for a 6th member. He seemed somewhat upset, because with his 5th member's mysterious absence, and lacking a 6th person, this placed them with a group of 4, and that made doing pretty much anything impossible, especially by their September 4th deadline. Now, I am a loyal dude, but I saw 2 opportunities here: I could help out a friend in a different static, and I could see how they did things, in the hope of gaining some experience for my TrueRune static saving us a great deal of time, exp, and frustration. After talking it over with Akanea, I decided to go ahead with Will's static for the hell of it (while still being a part of the original static, I mean, I like these guys ^^), since they were running out of time, and to be honest curiosity had gotten the better of me.

To be brief, we started CoP 8-1 with a PLD, PLD, RDM, WHM, DRK combo (with some assistance from a BLM for 8-1 to sleep links). Mission 8-1 went without a hitch, and I am convinced a group of 4 people could pull it off, assuming you had a tank, and a BLM for sleep. Once finished, we proceeded to get our Tavnazian Rings and enter the main castle area of Sea called the "Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi", continuing with mission 8-2.

Mission 8-2 is essentially following a very mazelike path consisting of 2 levels with 5 wings each, trying to escort verious NPCs around to open doors for you. Most things agro all levels, when they are in certain phases (usually in their "I'm not wrapped up in a small ball" phase.) It took us awhile, especially since we got lost for the first hour, but after taking a few minutes with a seperate marked map, I was able to make sense of things, and became the new map person. After finishing 8-2 and getting a CS, you are granted access into the center of the tower in a zone called the "Garden of Ru'Hmet" This marks the beginning of CoP 8-3.

Now, CoP 8-3 is essentially very similiar to 8-2, but the one major exception is there is a BC fight at the end. Now, the mission starts by requiring you to climb up to 5 towers depending on what races make up your group. If you are all tarutaru you would only need to climb one certain tower. If you were all Elvaan and Galka, you would have to climb 2 certain towers, etc. Now, we happened to have 5 people, and 2 Elvaan, 1 Tarutatu, 1 Hume, and 1 Mithra. Damn, that means we get to climb 4/5 towers. However, with me at the helm (in a sense since I had the map), it didn't take long since we used the "Sleep and Run" approach. After getting everyone their key items at the top of the towers, we proceeded to have to take an elevator up, and the only way (until you finish the mission) is to run past 4 pots that are almost impossible to run past without tripping the door shut. We decided to run to the door, die, wait until the pots reset (reopening the door), and reraise running quickly through. Once to the elevator, we were able to go up to floor 2 (the basement was not available.......hmmm...) and proceeded to run around getting 2 more key items needed to access floor 3. This went without a single hitch, and before you knew it, we were up to the third floor, where the BC fight would take place.

Now, Willriker had realized we probably stood a Snoll Czar's chance in hell with just the 5 of us, so he had talked to another group and they agreed to help us by splitting up and going as 2 runs making up 2 good parties with what each group had. Some people would go once, some would go twice. Now, I ended up going into the first group which was made up of PLD, NIN, DRK, WHM, BLM, BLM. The idea of the fight is you have to fight 4 pot mosters at the same time. Sleeping them at the start and taking them down one by one was the way to go. The NIN Jokerr (a friend in my dynamis LS) said he would main tank, and that I should DD. Luckily, I had brought along my DD setup including my O. Hat, Haub, and Joyeuse.

We entered, buffed, and Jokerr ran in, got hate, gathered the pots, and the BLMs slept them. We engaged the first pot, and took it down quickly. The second pot went down almost as quickly, but without a RDM, the mages started running out of MP. I used Chivalry and keep things going to where we started killing the third pot. Now, something happened where Jokerr died and I ended up main tanking towards the end of pot #3. Now, pot number 4 woke up, and since I had already Invincibled and used a 300tp Chivalry, I was prime target. Now, in a panic I switched back to my Terra's Staff and did the only thing I could do, kite the thing like no tomorrow. As I was able, I switched back into my tanking gear, and gave the mages time to raise Jokerr and regain MP. It was a nasty kiting situation, since the room was small, and the pot was a quick flying thing. Most of this time I was kiting with under 300hp, but the WHMs cures, my cures, and my Hi-potions from Will kept me alive long enough for the BLMs to nuke it slowly to death. Victory, and a cool CS followed!

Now, things never go this smootly in FFXI, and of course we hit a snag. The second group was plagued with player disconnects, and never got the clear even after three tries. Now, initially I was really upset about this, but it presents an interesting possibility. Now, the original problem was we had two PLDs that eneded the BC, but now since I have the clear, only Will needs to go in. If they can get 2 BLMs to finish the BC with them, they can get the clear on Sunday and everything will be fine. With all the initial 8-3 stuff out of the way getting to the BC takes all of 10 minutes now.

After waiting awhile for the people with connection problems to return, we decided to call it quits. I went and got all the CSs I needed to get to the last CoP mission 8-4. I was even brave enough to enter the final fight just to see what it was like, and it really is the coolest looking fight in the game. I used a warp cudgel to escape before I was in any danger, but it was cool to see anyway. With any luck, I can wrap this all up Sunday and start figuring out how to get TrueRune through all of this as well. (^.^)v